The Subsonic 20 year anniversary – fuck we old – booty party!

  • Subsonic 20 year. Booty party. XVI reunion. Vinyl records.

    It’s Xmas time!!!

    We have

    Flex – Rochester’s finest, darling of the Hullabaloo raves, jungle fiend and Subsonic semi-regular

    Jose Zaragoza – Subsonic’s Chi-Town connection. Now runs the Deep Hype Sounds record label and has yearly jaunts over to the EU to play the UK, Czech Rep and Ibizia.

    Rob Solo – The less said about this old fart the better. You know.

    Speaker Phreaker – One half of Eclipse productions, the OG Booty DJ.


    Special Guest Appearance by

    Brahma Breaker – Mr. Dance off with your pants off, originator of the ‘pants-off shot’, Subsonic resident and Head Sheriff of High Noon!

    The place is small, really small – so it will quite intimate. Plus, we’re old. Come early!

    $8 cover. $10 after midnight
    Drink Specials!

    booty, breaks, house, jungle, vinyl, fun times, drunken shenanigans, you know

    Starts at 9 pm.
    @ Pour Boy – 495 Somerset St W Ottawa, 495 Somerset St W, Ottawa, On. K1R 5J7, 613-695-7687,