FSIS Valentine’s Day Community Care Event <3

  • FREE EVENT! Massages, Cedar foot baths, Medicines, Rites of passage, 5-Minute Relaxation techniques, Teas, Music, Food, Clothing, Household items, Toys, Toiletries, etc.
    Kid friendly!

    Winters in Ottawa are long and hard, and dealing with grief and ongoing colonial trauma can compound these difficulties. FSIS also recognizes the deep pain and wounding associated with the National Inquiry into MMIWG2S that’s currently underway. As always, we believe strongly in supporting one another as part of everyday acts of love and decolonization that take place outside of, and beyond state systems of « justice » and « healing ».

    Please join us as we make space to take care of each other and encourage collective wellbeing in loving ways! This event intentionally prioritizes Indigenous womxn and families, LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit folx, youth, and those with disabilities.

    Starts at 6 pm.

    @ Minwaashin Lodge, 1155 Lola St #100, Ottawa, ON K1K 4C1, 613-741-5590, minlodge.com